Как снимать панорамы улиц самому. Презентация

My repositories

  • google-streetview-upload - Upload a spherical panoramic photos to Google Street View
  • geodata - Sources (QGIS projects) for rail transport maps on Wikipedia
  • russian-railways-simplegeodata - Simplified geodata for maps of Russian Railways for medium-scale maps
  • osmot - generator of public transport map from Openstreetmap (pbf to geojson with captions)
  • osm-mostrans - backend service and website for automatic updated web map of city public transport based on Openstreetmap data
  • photogeocaption - insert building address in name and IPTC tags of photo for Wikimedia Commons upload.
  • wikivoyage2geodata - parcing of russian wikivoyage architecture lists
  • video_join - GUI for loseless joining video files using ffmpeg
  • vector_refrencing_to_raster - align vector geodata to aerial imagery in ogr2ogr
  • photohosting_duplicates - check if photos already uploaded to or
  • syany - карта Сьян с индексным справочником
  • pgshadows - rapaired generating building shadows in PostGIS
  • map-in-picture- overlay map images on photo
  • dpof_photo_move- sort photos from you camera to two folder using DPOF mark
  • theta_tools rotate photos from Ricoh Theta panoramics camera